Sunday, July 17, 2011

French Lessons

Well...I don't really know where to begin with this one. There's three different stories in one. The beginning starts off with three french tutors in Paris who are about to embark on a day of work. These three tutors are involved in a love triangle. After this is established there are three separate stories, one involving each, which explains their day.

Each story is filled with sex. Basically the book is kind of raunchy. But it was also depressing. Each person learns something different in their day with their American student. In the end, the love triangle is no more, and there is resolution...of sorts.

Eh, I didn't like the book. But I thought the writing was really good. There was nothing about this book that left me any good feelings, not even the end. Though, I guess it was supposed to. I was most invested in the first story told, probably because it was the longest, and I actually felt for the characters. However, I still didn't like it all that much and it didn't end how I wanted it to at all...but maybe that was the point.

I'm a book lover, and generally love all books. But this one just didn't do it for me. Sorry folks!

What Happened to Goodbye

The first book I read by Sarah Dessen was The Truth About Forever and I absolutely positively loved it. After that I quickly read all her books I could get my hands on. This Lullaby, Just Listen, Lock and Key, and Along for the Ride were good as well. Unfortunately, not all her books are up to par when I compare it to the first I read.

This is one of em. I felt that the last few books I read of hers are just lacking. They are like the same old story just told a little differently. She could pull it off if I felt it was a little bit more realistic, but I didn't think this was. I actually came from a similar home situation and moved many more times than this character and switched schools in the process. Never once did I feel like she did or think to act the way she did. Maybe that makes me the odd one, but I thought her whole situation was seriously unreal. I guess that's one of things that bothered me.

Of course I liked the love story, which is sweet and slow and generally more true to life. However, it wasn't completely fulfilling. Basically, the love story is secondary to the MC finding herself, which is typical Dessen. But, I just think she is running out of ideas or something...or maybe I've just changed my tastes. It's like, I feel like situations are completely manipulated to make a point or something, and I don't like that. I want to read something that feels like it flows without manipulation. If that makes any sense at all, I have no idea.

It's a decent read, although, I could have gone without reading it. The only reason, after halfway through, that I kept reading was for reviewing purposes.

Just Like Heaven (Smythe-Smith #1)

Oh how I love a book by Julia Quinn. When she completed the Bridgerton books, I was so sad to see them go! And very curious to see what she would offer us next. I was so frickin' happy when I saw that she was moving to Smythe-Smith's. Their musicales are legendary and always a great source of humor!

This book is just what one would expect from Quinn, in my opinion. The love story is sweet and full of feeling. There are great doses of humor. I love Quinn's humor.

We start with Honoria Smythe-Smith, whom is about to begin her third season. There is Marcus, an earl, who has been a friend of the family since she was six and he twelve. He has been charged by her brother, whom has had to leave the country, to care for her and watch out for her in his absence. Which Marcus has been doing, but from a distance and without her knowledge. Of course, circumstances arise which bring them together. I thought it all very sweet and well done. The conflict was not all that great in this one...which was just fine with me.

Many characters from previous books are present, and I love how vast Quinn's world is! 

It makes me wish that I haven't already read all of Quinn's previous books, so that I could go out and read them now. She is my favorite Historical Romance author. I imagine I will soon be going back and reading her books all over again.

Anyway, there's not much more I can say, this is classic Quinn and I don't think it will disappoint.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11)

I discovered the Sookie Stackhouse series in the beginning of last year (2010) and I fell in love with it and the world it's set in. It was actually the first Urban Fantasy series that I had ever read and I haven't been able to stop reading them since. Therefore, I have a special place in my heart for it.

That being said, we are now to the eleventh book of a very long, drawn out series. This book was good, but it wasn't the best. There wasn't much action or anything. The book was a filler, in my opinion. We learned some new things, got rid of some tiresome characters, etc.

For those that care for that sort of thing, there is quite a bit of Eric and a dash of Bill. Alcide makes a very minor dumb appearance that, to me, made no sense. Overall, it lacked any sexual tension. There was one over the top sex scene.  Gone are the days in Stackhousedom where you are just dying to find out who she ends up with or who's going to kiss her, etc. She's in an established relationship and now we are just waiting to see how the demise of that comes about...or not. There is a reveal in this book that could cause this demise of their relationship.

To me, at this point, that's what the whole series has come to. Figuring out who she will end up with. It's like I wanted it to be Eric for so long, but now I'm like, who else could it be? I can't picture Sookie turning vamp, so I don't get how that could work. Plus, Charlaine Harris has said that that's not going to happen anyway. Obviously I'm getting off subject of the review. But I know all Sookie fans are thinking such things as well!

Anyway, the book was good, not great. Of course you have to read it regardless...cause it's a freakin Sookie Stackhouse book! You read one of them, you have to read them all!

Love Story

Love Story is a book written by Jennifer Echols which is slated to be released July 19, however seems to already be available on Amazon. Release dates are always so confusing to me. Anyway, I got the book through an e-Galley for review purposes.

I generally like Jennifer Echols' books. The tone of her stories are perfect for me. They are full of feeling with ups and downs. It's kind of like an emotional roller coaster, but not too depressing or too lighthearted either. They tend to be the perfect mix.

Of course I love love stories. So, considering the name of this book, you can already imagine it being a love story, right?

You have Erin and Hunter (yummy!) who grew up on a horse farm that Erin's family has owned for generations. Erin has dreams of being a writer, however, and not of running the horse farm one day. Because of this her grandmother decides to will the farm to Hunter, the son of a stable hand that lives on their farm.

So, Erin has been cut off, but they go to the same college. Erin and Hunter have a lot of hate towards one another, but Erin has secretly been in love with Hunter at the same time. A lot of it is attraction and lust, but she is generally just drawn to him. What happens is she writes a story for her creative writing class about her fantasy with him. Unfortunately he transfers into the class and gets to read the story. This opens a whole can of worms with them continuously writing stories to one another as a form of communication, but they read between lines and things get confusing for them.

Anyway, the story was good. The MC was likeable, most of the time. Hunter was likeable all the time. I thought at first, by his introductory descriptions that Echols would have a hard time making him likeable, but she definitely did.

This book is completely different than anything I have ever read. I generally love books that have letters in them. This book didn't have letters but it had stories that each of them wrote for their class in it. Which is kind of like the letter idea. There were also twists and turns.

One thing I will point out is that some things occurred and I thought how convenient that that happened or he was able to do that, you what a convenient plot twist for the writer...blerg. But in the end it actually all made sense. So all my misgivings on that front were cleared up and I felt was well put together.

I will admit that I was disappointed with the ending. I got the gist, and you can basically figure stuff out, you know how it ends. However, about 10-20 pages before the end is when I had my big emotional love boost with my heart beating in my chest and a smile plastered to my face. The ending was kind of a let down. I expected more, and I wish I had gotten more.