Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Ways to Kill a Cupid

This is a fun read with an unexpected twist!

The book starts out with Leigh, who has died, explaining how she became a Cupid. There are lots of rules to being a Cupid. We learn fun facts throughout about Cupids, Reapers, Angels, etc.

Leigh (Cupid) is tasked with a person named Natalie. Leigh has to find Natalie her soul mate in an allotted amount of time. Leigh is not happy about this at all, and we don't know why. It's obvious that Leigh knew Natalie before she died, but how?

Natalie is, like, a horrid person (at least appears to be). A funny horrid person. She is actually rather likeable after a bit. She is angry at the world and all that jazz. She appears to have no emotion and just really mean. Leigh doesn't help the situation with her snarky remarks, attitude, and what appears to be sabotage in finding Natalie's soul mate and her life in general.

Funniness ensues. Quirky funny. There is a different, yet good, kind of as sense of humor in this writing. It's really rather cute.

It's written in first person from Leigh's point of view as she relates the story of the seven days she spent with Natalie to help her find her soul mate. The story is solid, there are a couple twists, and they are very well accounted for. Meaning: no gaps or holes in the story which seem to happen quite a lot in a book with twists and turns. So, this was nice. I like twists and turns and it's rare that I'm caught off guard by something that happens in a book....which I was in this, which was cool. This book is also dialogue heavy, which I personally enjoy, especially for a quicker read.

I was given this book by the author for a review. Which of course made me nervous as I was afraid it would suck, and I'd hate to hurt anyone's feelings. But, it was actually pretty good! This is the first book for the author, Leigh Parker, and I think they did a fab job! Oh, and I was not compensated in anyway, except I was lucky enough to be given the book for free. So ha! ;)

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