Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April is NetGalley Month!!

Emily over at Red House Books has declared April NetGalley month! Basically, if you have books waiting to be read from NetGalley, then read as many as you can in April! Apparently, there are prizes for joining in on the fun, too...sweet!

Never heard of NetGalley? Well, it freakin' rocks! They've got galley grabs of ebooks, and not just any ebooks, but ARC's! Yup, read the books before anyone else does. :) Click here to find out more about this awesome website.

Anyway, I'm super psyched that someone had the initiative to declare a NetGalley month because I for one have like thirty books just sitting there waiting to be read. For real.

Also, just this week they started offering the ebooks for Kindle. Apparently they used to do this, but not since I've been a member, which has only been a couple of months. So, I've been reading all their books on my laptop. Now...I get to read em on my Kindle! Yeah!

Anywho...if you'd like to participate then click here. I'll be reviewing all the books I read...which you can find in the Books to be Reviewed tab on the top of the page. I won't be posting all the reviews right then, because some of them won't be released for a while yet...but they will be posted eventually.

And don't worry, I'll have other reviews along the way as well. :)


  1. thanks for following me and my sister's blog, Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks. following you now too. good luck with Netgalley month :)

  2. I love NetGalley! It is quickly becoming my number #1 place to get books.

  3. Thank you so much for participating in NetGalley April! It's time to wrap it up - please check back in :)

    Hope you had a great month!


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